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Just Do It!

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Giving above and beyond.

P54 believes in not just giving to a community, but becoming part of that community.

How do you spread God's love? Do you follow the norm of giving or do you reach out and ask how you can do more?

So often we have the opportunity to reach out to someone yet there is something that holds us back? Why? Maybe we are scared we will be asked to do more than we are comfortable with.

Just Do It

Christ didn't just stay in one place. He didn't keep to just one group of people. He traveled and surrounded himself with people who were perceived to be the farthest from God's love, and those who thought they were closest to God but were drowning in pride. So how do we emulate the example Christ showed us? What does "Just Do It" look like for you? What perceived or prideful barrier do you have that is preventing you from reaching out to a person in need?

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